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Vaishali Chandorkar Chitale (Category-Poem) (Flight No 2022 | Certificate of Excellence)

2021 was a year in limbo,
Mostly shut , but sometimes did open a window.
Scarred by corona,most of us chose to hibernate,
And however tempting, we didn’t rise up to its bait .
Covid rained on our dance  and spoiled the fun,
Swept up in waves and left us all stunned.
The year that had begun with a lot of hope,
Lost its steam midway  and left us to mope.
Now a  bright new year appears on our skyline,
2022 will being back cheer and feelings fine!
The air is heady with hope and anticipation,
Joy and optimism is ruling every heart and every nation!
The coming year  will be a year like none another,
Together we will take baby steps towards a new horizon.
Equipped with ‘masks’ and ‘sanitizers’,
Our march towards new beginnings will be much the wiser!
This new world order is here to stay,
It is for us to comply and our options weigh.
Let’s hope Santa at Christmas purges us of this woe,
And 2022 dawns with a special glow.
We will  bid adieu to 2021 with mixed emotions,
Hopefully the virus will be annihilated by Santa’s  potions!
With a spring in our step let’s usher in the year,
And march on dauntless without any fear!

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