Rose George (Category-Short Story)(Helping Hands|Certificate of Appreciation)

Rose George (Category-Short Story)(Helping Hands|Certificate of Appreciation)


Rose George

Balbir’s compassion and love

Balbir lived in a village near Punjab. He was the son of Satvar Singh. He lived with his family in this village since he his childhood. Schools were closed due to the pandemic.
One day Satvir Singh asked him
“Where are you going my son?” He replied ” I am going to make food for the community in the temple. ”
Balbir went and cut vegetables and helped in serving food to villagers who were unemployed because of the corona virus outbreak. After serving in the temple, he would go to distribute food grains to in the neighbourhood.
In the evening, he would teach his younger sister her lessons by reading the textbook loudly to her.
Mummy, he called her ” Can you help me to make masks as you are good in stitching? ” She replied”Yes son, I will help you.”
He would sit with her helping her in cutting the material for the masks. He then went to all the families and distribued these masks
Balbir was living a life with a difference. He uplifted so many lives by lending his helping hands. The entire village was proud of him. Balbur had compassion and love for all.

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