Rita Badhwar (Celebration Contest | Certificate of Participation)

Rita Badhwar (Celebration Contest | Certificate of Participation)

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Rita Badhwar

At the dead end of the lane,
There stood a house forlorn,

People were tight lipped,
About the woman so sweet,

Her passion for music & art,
Who love to sing and chat,

Then one day she found dead,
No one knew what actually happened,

Some say it was unnatural,
Some believed as natural,

The master also left in a hush,
In search of peace & solace ,

The house looked Haunted,
People used to hear voices unwanted,

One day a stranger returned to the house,
To listen to the voice of his spouse,

There he sat & listened quietly,
The sound of the soul so divinely,

That is the real story behind Haunted House,
The place so sacred & pious ,

We should check our inner fear,
We are afraid of our bad side of soul

Try to overcome that,
World will be all happy & good,

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