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True Celebration

Taking pride in modern civilisation,
Attracted towards gambling and intoxication,
We glamorize adultery and illicit relation,
Which rests on nothing but sense gratification…

What is the use of our social status and education,
When we are progressing towards moral degeneration?

Willingly we entangle ourselves in a web of tribulation,
Our own actions are responsible for our miseries and suffocation,
Nobody can escape the jaws of death, when we helplessly seek ventilation…

By the time we wake up, we’d be left with nothing but lamentation,
Our karmic baggage would be full, as our bodies proceed towards transmigration…

In a new creation we forget the past life sufferings and humiliation,
To again lead an animalistic life, bereft of any regulation…

I pray to the Almighty, begging and crying out the invocation,
To bless me with the power to focus on transformation…

Let my eyes yearn to see His beautiful form and ears hear His glorification,
Let my senses be controlled of mundane temptation,
Let my body be used as an instrument of compassion,
Let my mind be fixed in serving with enthusiasm and jubiliation…

Finally arrives the moment of my final examination,
My soul dances to the magical tune of His divine sound vibration,
That is when I experience actual liberation,
And comprehend the deeper meaning of true celebration.

By : Meghna Choudhury (Her Grace Mathura Vasi Devi Dasi)


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