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The Perfect Vibgyor Arc

Topic: “Rainbow”🌈

The perfect vibgyor arc, appearing as a mark of supremacy.
Appeases the human mind signifying,
The spirit of unity between all things and kind.

The perfect vibgyor arc, reflects the light off,

Splitting the droplet and shining through it,

Connecting us to the power of hope and good luck.
As no one knows what tomorrow brings for us.

The perfect vibgyor arc, teaches us to keep our promises,
To overcome all obstacles, and emerge as winner through it every time.
It’s the Creator’s promise to safeguard and never destroy us.
Making us believe in the power of solidarity and to be just.

The perfect vibgyor arc, is a divine puzzle to understand,
Bonding us together, to keep our promises and expand.
Spread the joy and positivity, inspiring us to let go,
And move on with the spirit of unity between all things and follow the flow.

©️Aparna Patwardhan Bhat
31st March, 2021.


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