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The Inevitable

What do you know about loved and lost ?
Its not just about your partners only,
It’s about loved ones.
What to feel when it comes to your family?
Due to personal reasons or just tragical ?
Well, death never cares about anyone, who you loved or how pathetic you feel about loosing them.
It does it’s job, when this tragical fate plays its role just fine, so on time, leaving your heart agonizing. Regardless, it’s you who learns to survive with it to overcome the heaviness inside your chest, pain inside your head. It’s you who gets stick with it through the rest of your remaining life.
Maybe it was a very peaceful sleep, that they choose not to wake up. Still acknowledging, to go with the flow nothing and no one adjourns for you, for time is the only true healer of the wounded hearts.
And so, hoping for a fresh start you keep moving on, you meet more of such tragical fate deliberately you learn the inevitability of death, actually gives our life a concrete purpose and that purpose is to get used to spiritually and introduce yourself to the state of self-realization, so that we can infiltrate into the spiritual realm and escape the cycle of birth and death.
We can spend our days absorbed in materialistic activities, but at the end of our lives, nothing we’ve acquired can go with us at the time of our death. However, whatever we accomplish spiritually stays with us forever. That’s why it’s important to make the most out of our lives and use it to attain spiritual perfection.
Much sooner than we’ve planned. Yet we’ll brave the bitter grief that comes, and try to stand.  -Tanya Sharma

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