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The Goal

Where have we come from and where are we headed to?
This question has haunted us all eternally.
What is the purpose of existence or life’s goal?
What are we supposed to achieve and live for?
Some of us have a very definite goal in life,
Of becoming this “special” person and feel happy.
Or achieve a certain station in life,
And accumulating so many assets.
If only we realized that in this infinite universe,
Amidst the billions and billions of stars.
We are one of the tiniest specks of life,
And this universe is just a massive bundle of energy.
We all are interconnected in some way or other,
Like the sub-atomic particles inside an object.
As it is outside us, so it is inside us.
Time is not linear but a wheel,
As there is no definite start and no definite end.
A journey to explore oneself through different means,
To know oneself and connect to the innermost energy,
Should be the goal for all of us.

By Abhishek Goswami

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