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The Disgusting Lecher

Short Stories 2020

Story 2: The Disgusting Lecher

Reading books thought me an important lesson very early in my life that one may be evil or liar, or cheater or dishonest, people will still forgive you or even like you, if and only if, one is not a lecher. Everyone hates a lecher. Take for example Professor James Moriaty , the arch enemy of Sherlock Holmes or Dr.Hannibal Lecter , there were evil , pure evil but they were not lechers , they maintained a level of decency and that’s why we like and adore those characters in spite of such psychopathic evilness. Or take look at the famous villains of Bollywood, Gabbar Singh, Mogembo, Shakaal they were evil, murderous criminals but never lechers. That’s why even though they are villains we adore them. Being a lecher is the most disgusting thing in life. The most morally degraded thing that one can do is to lech. But we always encounter lechers in our daily life. This is a story of one such disgusting lecher.

This was in 2007, I was working in Bangalore then. My office had moved from heart of the city (MG Road) to Marathalli Outer ring road. There were only two building on outer ring then, one was this building with 4 floors, where my office was located on 3rd and 4th floor and another software company on 1st and 2nd floor. The other building was Intel campus just a kilometer away from my office. I stayed in south Bangalore and it took good 45 minutes in bus. I always used the red Volvo Bus, 500C to be precise. These 45 minutes was my time to read. I regularly met Ramesh in the bus and after few months we had become friends, he worked in Intel then. Ramesh must have been in his late twenties and was married.

That day morning, he came and sat beside me in the bus and said

“There is no one in the bus today…”. I was surprised, the bus was almost full.

“What…” I said

“Don’t you see… there is no one in the bus…I cannot start my day like this…” he said again. I was unable to understand what he was talking about.

“Fresh morning cleavages , sweet smelling arm pits , a peak of lacy panty or mismatched bras … that’s why I take the bus… instead of driving… you know…” he said very casually as though he was talking about his breakfast every morning . Still in shock, when I looked around the bus, there were no lady passengers in the bus that day.

“What are you reading….” He snatched the book from my hand without asking me. I was reading “A slight trick of mind” by Mitch Cullin, it is Sherlock Holmes story having the typical Sherlock hat and pipe on the cover.

“Sherlock Holmes… well you know… I am in a way Sherlock Holmes of sex…” he said giving my book back to me and continued saying

“I could deduce if a lady had sex last night by looking at her breast… I can deduce if a lady is virgin or has taken multiple rides by looking at her walk and for sure I can deduce if a lady likes blow job or not by looking at her lips…” he listed the things proudly as tough those were the lifesaving skills for him. We were at silk board junction when a lady boarded the bus. She was wearing a blue plain top with white salwar carrying a black laptop bag.

“ah… finally… someone…this a regular one… and I am pretty sure she is wearing blue panties today. When she wears white salwar…she wears blue panties…when she wears black salwar… she wears brown panties… I have seen it multiple times…” he said looking at the lady and scanning her entire body with disgusting lustful looks.

I swear to God… if he could have continued, I could have puked on his face. Luckily, he changed his seat so that he can continue his leching without any disturbance. That was the last time I spoke to Ramesh. A few days later I came to know from my friends in Intel that he was fired for trying to capture picture of a lady colleague using his new camera phone.

But one thing was very clear to me, if we treat sex just like a bodily need it is normal, if sex gets into your mind it is sickness and this sickness will destroy everything in your life.

Let me your thoughts….

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