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Dr. Sujata Chatterjee

Dr. Sujata Chatterjee

Dr Sujata Chatterjee is a physician by profession and an author by passion. She has authored 3 books, FLIGHTS OF FANTASY, a collection of short stories, LOOKING THROUGH THE PRISM, a collection of motivational poems and another book of poems, WAVES OF FORTUNE, and co authored 6 more books, SPEAK YOUR MIND, BROKEN BITS OF THE MOON , JUMBOREE JUBILATION, LYRICAL DEWDROPS, THE ROAD TAKEN, and some others which are on the way to publication. She is the winner of SHONGHOTI SAMMANANA AWARD, TOP 100 INSPIRING AUTHORS by The Indian Awaz Team, TOP 50 INFLUENCIAL AWARDS by THE SPIRIT MANIA, and the winner of THE NATIONAL BOOK HONOUR AWARDS. She has also been awarded by the SWAMI VIVEKANANDA EXCELLENCE AWARD by the SEVA GUILD and the Governor of West Bengal for her contribution in English Literature. She has been honoured by the WOMAN EMPOWERMENT AWARD, by HELLO KOLKATA MEDIA HOUSE, for her contribution in Medicine and English Literature. She was a regular contributor of the column, THE PATIENT I CAN NEVER FORGET, in the fortnightly magazine, THE WOMEN’S ERA.

Sujata Chaterjee

Buy her book , “Waves of Fortune: Emotions”

Waves of Fortune: Emotions is an anthology of poems that arise from the depths of the soul like the waves of the sea. They are the authors emotions on various topics that fill reader’s hearts with anticipation of good fortune. They stir the reader’s soul in such a wat that the author’s feelings seep into their very beings.The readers would be rejuvenated after reading the book, sitting by the sea and hearing the white noise. These are the author’s various emotions, which rise like the waves of the sea and break into sparkling bright foam as the words of the poem.

Buy her book , “LOOKING THROUGH THE PRISM : Spectrum”

LOOKING THROUGH THE PRISM: SPECTRUM is a collection of 17 motivational poems which will touch your soul with positivity. Some of the poems are based on nature and has been compared to the life of the human beings. There is romance, philosophy, rhythm, and rhyme in every poem and it is touch and go from the very beginning. Freedom of the human beings is compared to the birds who are free to fly. In short, the poetry book is based on optimism and it inspires the reader to feel rejuvenated after reading it in a quiet evening with a cup of coffee in your hand.

Buy her book , “Flights of Fantasy ”

Life always faces challenges, nevertheless; it offers many solutions. These ups and downs constitute the various moods of the human minds. Sometimes we get relief by smiling at hilarious circumstances, at other times we have to take tough decisions in crucial times, some mysteries and queries in life remain unsolved and unanswered. Many a time our decisions are guided by our moral ego or honour. At times, kids play pranks and truants on their elders, however they turn into most mature individuals when need arises.
Yet every mind seeks in its inner self for a tiny emotion HOPE, which gives an individual, strength and courage to never give up. FLIGHTS OF FANTASY is a journey through all moods, imaginations and emotions in a human mind. It is a broad spectrum of light of a rainbow, which breaks into shades of colours in the sky, after a shower of rain.

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