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Sudha Murthy’s book review

Dr.Shweta Prakash Kukreja

One would never be in need of a dictionary while holding Sudha Murthy’s fiction in hands. Murty is one the authors whose comprehension of Indian childhood style, qualities and ethos is inconceivable. She easily passes on it consistently through her accounts while keeping the perusers – the children and grown-ups engaged.The stories incorporates writer’s lifetime experiences,few folktales and others legendary stories making an enchantment spell on her readers.The writer with her brains has attempted to ingrain the resolve of being true with oneself as well as with others. Her simple stories interfaces youngsters with nature showing them the importance of simple living. Her magnificent narrative style and simpleton language keeps the peruser stuck to the books for hours.Her uncomplicated style makes easy to experience turning the characters alive while reading.


An accumulation of 37 basic folktales giving moral lessons not exclusively to younger ones and to grown-ups as well.These little stories make us to acknowledge how little things increase to greater things throughout everyday life and influence us in a more amazing manner.


A collection of 22 different stories trying to bridge the gap between the present generation and their elder one.A grandmother describing stories over stories over long summer days and evenings as seven grandkids appreciate life in her little town.The stories entertain,educate and give long stretches of happiness to them.


“With animals, you don’t require a language to communicate. It also makes you careful about how you treat them. Kids are at an impressionable age where they understand these things.”she follows this ideology while telling the tale of Gopi. The goal of the book is to instill an affection for creatures among kids alongside highlighting the benefits of sharing, mindful, and sympathy.


The story of a twelve old year old Nooni who visits her grandparents during summer holidays. Adding to the charms of papad making, crunching on cooked jackfruit seeds, figuring out how to ride a bike, having picnics on the banks of a stream, Nooni likewise discovers an unbelievable archeological temple. Experience and the comfortable solace of a rustic existense make Nooni’s late spring get-aways essential. .Sincere and overflowing with the enchantment of a sweet adolescence.

Sudha Murthy’s composing style is straightforward, peppered with lessons and strengthened with the capacity to make you nostalgic and miss your summer vacations. I connected with these books since I started searching some good fiction for my nine year old daughter.I wanted books that she could read and understand on her own and Sudha Murthy’s collection fulfilled my needs.

In spite of being children fiction, I would unequivocally suggest this read for guardians who drive their youngsters to the verge of an irritable daily schedule with their desires and serious enthusiasm. Aspiration is right yet leave children alone sometimes in their own world. This is the core inspiration of every book to allow little minds shape their ideology and understand the worth of relationships and nature


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