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Subhashchandra B.Adhav (UBI World Environment Day Contest | Certificate of Participation )


Man is fully indulged in self centric mirth :
This is the greatest tragedy on this beautiful planet earth :

He considers himself as separate identity esteem :
Conveniently he has forgotten he is a part of ecosystem :

Man is ruthlessly damaging other elements of eco-design :
His careless attitude to them is in no way a good sign :

Oh Man! Think for a while and stop this merriment :
Always think about saving the environment :

Man is constantly pursuing prosperity and development :
But what good is development at the cost of environment? :

Trees are axed! trees felled! listen to the cries of trees fallen :
The forest is wearing the look sullen:

Deforestation is the great threat to biodiversity and environment :
Unfortunately Man is fully absorbed in ephemeral enjoyment:

It shows its adverse effect soon :
Gets disturbed very punctual monsoon :

Man always thinks of his comfort zone :
He should think of depletion of ozone :

Around the earth,we’re blessed with the fine envelope of atmosphere:
But that is also under constant threat and fear:

Pollution gave birth to the demon of green house effect:
Challenges like global warming, melting of glaciers, human life it does affect :

“Save Environment”we should carve this slogan on our mind:
Then only on this planet, would survive mankind :!!



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