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Subhashchandra B. Adhav (UBI Mother Earth Contest | Certificate of Appreciation)

Mother Earth
We’re fortunate enough
to take Earthly birth :
It’s really a thing of
mirth :
But Mother!Oh! Mother
We miserably fail to
understand your worth :
You’re the epitome of
tolerance :
Commendable is your
forbearance :
You’re endowed with
lovely atmosphere :
But pollution has pushed
it under constant fear :
You’ve to bear the brunt of
pollution :
But you’re left in the lurch
without any solution :
Pollution of the precious
soil :
Causing worst possible
turmoil :
Horrible pollution of
water :
River turned into gutter :
You’re in the shadow of
chemical hazards :
To your rescue coming no
wizards :
Mother Earth! Your flora
and fauna bountiful :
You’ve made our life
beautiful :
Under your crust
gems,oil precious trove
treasure :
Its value beyond our
Oceans, rivers,
water bodies prescios:
About earthly life you are
very cautious :
When many natural and
man made disasters come
in :
On us lies the onus to
make you worthy to live
in :!!
Subhashchandra B.

united ink

United By Ink

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