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Subhashchandra B.Adhav (Traffic Jam Contest)

If we’re caught up in traffic jam or snarl, we get nervous
And show annoyance over time being wasted, precious
When vehicles move at snail’s speed
Mind worrisome runs with infinite speed

Our anxiety goes high because of many a reason
All that culminates into higher tension
There are problems galore, domestic or official, beyond speculation
But traffic jam gives us severe punishment of detention

Breathing becomes heavy, we feel suffocated and lungs seem deflated balloons
The pendulum of uncertainty overhead looms
With perspiration, higher pulse, we feel throbbing veins
Blood pressure goes high and low and all is in vain

Some worry over missing out on exams,some on interviews, some on marriages while some on flights
But they’re engulfed by blaring horns and flickering lights
Some people try to seek oasis in desert with friendly and loveable gestures
While some vent out their dissatifaction and ire with rigid stringent postures

We show reactions to traffic jam, that is external on street
However internal traffic jam of thoughts on mind, how do you treat?
All stray thoughts make a rush to a channel busy
Traffic jam of thoughts, makes mind crazy

Some wise mental vehicles obey signals and traffic rules
Be it an accident,or breakdown, never they behave like fools
Red light puts stop on haphazard traffic jam
All thoughtful wheels come to a complete standstill and mind becomes calm !!

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