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Subhashchandra B.Adhav (Thankyou2019 | Certificate of Participation )

Good bye 2019! Thank you 2019
We will cherish your memories umpteen

Many ups and downs we have seen
Thrilling experience it has been

We have had swings of destined pendulum
And whims of summer, winter and autumn

We have passed through your many awesome and awful happenstances
And faced your pleasant and grotesque stances

You were an amazing piece of Time’s infinite, vast sprawl
On which, we poor creatures, submissively did crawl

We have faced natural disasters and calamities as usual
For you, the offspring of mighty Time, it’s a thing casual

So many changes you’ve brought in
On the soil, native and foreign

You showered boon and bane, immesurable their account
However only blessing, we ought to count

Fantastic is the account of all kinds of news and views
And while departing, you gave us so many clues

While welcoming 2020 , spectacular and colourful will be skies
Thanking you 2019 ! stunningly we say how time flies

A mix of memories ,sweet and bitter, in your fold
All will go behind Time’s Curtain and become old

With heavy heart, we’re bidding you farewell
However you’ve left behind, memorable stories to tell

united ink

United By Ink

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