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Subhashchandra B. Adhav (Celebration Contest | Certificate of Appreciation )

With colourful display, the sky appears like paradise
Our joy knows no bounds,it’s beyond our surmise

When we do fireworks as a mark of celebration,
The whole ambience experiemces an air of jubiliation

What a marvelous induction of hope and aspiration
The soul reaches a new high with elation

Lustrous, dazzling, thudding, radiant skies
They serve an exquisite feast to eyes

What a cosmic beauty when we see skies refulgent
Unknowingly our inner skies also become effulgent

When firework rocket takes off from ground
With thrills it spreads joy abound

When loaded explosives crack with sparkling glow
On the canvas of the sky we enjoy spectacular show

Carnivals, festivals push us into euphoric mood
They revive and enlive our energy good

Such celebrations enchant our heart and mind
Recharge us the feel awesome of its kind

Heartfelt celebrations performed with verve
It gives a new vigor to our prosaic nerve

Joyful celebrations with gusto and force
Soul experiences a new lease of life and course

Celebration of body, mind and spirit
With vitality it establishes soulful merit !!

united ink

United By Ink

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