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Sonia Sethi(Morning in the woods | Veteran Poet )

A desire to spend a morning in the woods,
Away from the routine, as far as I could.

The first rays of the morning light,
Filter through the woods and make it bright.
The leaves so new and bright, as they could be,
The beauty, a treat for the eyes to see.

The solitary visit to find some quiet and peace,
The still silence of nature, where I seek Thee.
It’s time for some soul searching, as I walk down,
The tall trees, so deep rooted with feet on the ground.

The colours so vibrant, the scent so fresh,
The leaves pink , like a maiden’s flush.
The gibber, the screech, the growl, the hum and the chirping,
A perfect orchestra and symphony, so soothing.

Fascinated and enchanted at their confluence ,
It flows into me, the harmony and their peace.
Unwritten norms, so religiously they follow,
No boundaries yet relationships not hollow.

I come back so rich in experience and lessons,
Having forged with nature, a deeper connection.

united ink

United By Ink

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    Exactly my thoughts…. through your words. The ME time amidst nature is perfect for soul searching.

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