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Sonia Sethi (UBI Journey Of The Soul Contest | Veteran Poets Of UBI )

I walk down the path,
Not chosen by me.
Obscure goals,
Treacherous bends,
Lead me on,
To nothingness.

Along the way,
I do sway,
As I approach,
The challenges,
Knowing well,
That the journey
Of the soul,
Is a lonely road,

Meaningless all,
Today it makes no sense.
Perhaps one day,
It shall make way,
For the reunion,
That would make the sojourn,



10 Comments on “Sonia Sethi (UBI Journey Of The Soul Contest | Veteran Poets Of UBI )

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    vow thats a new addition to your doubt you have crossed himalayan heights in your writing.My extreme best wishes are always with you.May God bless with more n more success in all aspects of life.

  2. 0

    You have surpassed yourself here Your poem epitomises well the adage At the end of the rainbow lies a pot of gold

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