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Sonia Sethi (UBI Journey Of The Soul Contest | Veteran Poets Of UBI )

I walk down the path,
Not chosen by me.
Obscure goals,
Treacherous bends,
Lead me on,
To nothingness.

Along the way,
I do sway,
As I approach,
The challenges,
Knowing well,
That the journey
Of the soul,
Is a lonely road,

Meaningless all,
Today it makes no sense.
Perhaps one day,
It shall make way,
For the reunion,
That would make the sojourn,


united ink

United By Ink


  • 0

    What a lucid flow of thought! So pure so relatable

    • 0

      How beautifully written, the journey of life.

  • 0

    Beautiful lines

  • 0

    vow thats a new addition to your doubt you have crossed himalayan heights in your writing.My extreme best wishes are always with you.May God bless with more n more success in all aspects of life.

  • 0

    Outstanding composition..

  • 0

    Amazing, I love to read it.

  • 0

    Beautiful and soulful.

    • 0

      Really amazing poetry.

  • 0

    You have surpassed yourself here Your poem epitomises well the adage At the end of the rainbow lies a pot of gold

  • 0

    Perhaps one day , it shall make way… beautiful lines 💕

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