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Sonia Sethi (UBI Flight Of Dreams Contest | Certificate of Excellence )

*Flight of dreams*

Shattered at not achieving,
What she had set out to,
She asks me disappointed,
Whether dreams do ever come true?

A dream doesn’t become reality
Unless watered with sweat and persistency.
For all the failures are but,
The route towards the goal.

Don’t let the fire inside die down,
Let it fuel your dreams,
And propel you towards the goals,
Until the fruits you reap.

The present seems imperfect and future a little tense,
The clouds that hover over, dark and dense.
But change however bleak or improbable ,
Is not very far away or impossible.

Without the fear of a glitch,
You carve your own niche.
If swim you can’t against the tide,
Darling , don’t forget you can fly.

With the wings of confidence,
Comforted she retires to bed.
That the flight of her dreams,
Shall land her in the land of her dreams.

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