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Sonia Sethi (Rainbow | Senior Poets )

I am tired of being strong,

It’s been far too long.

The first tear drop falls,

I make no effort for it to stall.


The thunderstorm outside,

Comparable to the turmoil inside.

It’s been raining cats and dogs, 

Eyes blurred, brain clogged. 


Nothing seems to be working, 

Despite the fine detailing. 

Surrounded by buildings tall, 

Lost I’m like a pygmy small. 


This was once the city of my dreams, 

Today distraught, I want to scream.

The noise outside, drowns my sighs, 

Tired, but with my fate, I  reconcile. 


The clamour outside, subsides,

And the commotion inside too, dies.

Among the tall buildings I see, 

The rainbow appearing with glee. 


The white splits and colours disperse, 

Promising hope in the brightest verse. 

The palette spread across the sky, 

Lifts me up and urges me to fly.

united ink

United By Ink

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