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Sonal Singh (Time Contest | Epoch Ranter Award)


The sands of time turn, churning up the dust of memories
In the winter of my life, I embrace these remembrances.
They are all that remains of youth, a time spent long ago;
A handful of pleasant memories, a fistful of warm feelings.

The sunshine of my youth is but mellowed warmth now.
The fire, the intensity that once was has ebbed somewhat.
Mayhap it is tired; age has caught up and slowed it too?
Or maybe it is the tide of time, abraded from my life?

In the transience that time exhibits, I now yearn for solace.
In these recollections; I now search for some happiness.
They bind me to this world, to my relationships, to family.
In these reflections, at this time in my life, I still rejoice.

united ink

United By Ink

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