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The sinuous smile reflects amply a serene stillness
Supple like mellow moonbeam, trancingly tender is it’s essence

Smile with its magical spell is prettier than twilight splendour
It sprinkles loads of raptures, removes rues and rigours

Divine manifestation adorning a being while wearing on a smile
Tender love and unalloyed joy spread exuberantly miles and miles

Smiling, an ethereal anchoring, ushers one in islands of love
Zen moments are relished, filling abundantly a series of heart’s cove

Hoaxed smile of a coaxed being like the moronic musings
Exhausted to the core, blatantly disgusting feelings

Simple smile spreads its supple wings far and wide
One stands against test of time with strings of plaudits and pride

Your smile is your greatest asset ! preserve it, reserve it dear
In the grip of grotesque agonies, one decimates whims of anger

The ripples of smile are irrefutably replete with joy and glee
One can vanquish the anguish and trounce the trail of melancholy

Signature smile, so bewitching, reveals reality to sublime best
It’s comely cadence, so humongous, higher than the summit of Everest

It invites bliss and rapture in galore like spring zephyr
Smiling sane reigns in solitude as nuanced smile spreads like wildfire

© Mir Samsul Haque
All Rights Reserved
21th April 2019


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