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Shweta Prakash Kukreja (Category-Short Story) (Eclipse | Certificate of Excellence)

I was noticing her since long …standing near escalator.She was denying any kind of help that was being offered.But her helpless was visible so I walked towards her.

“Is everything fine?Come let’s take the escalator together.”I smiled.

“On one condition…I don’t need help rather I would love if you teach me.”she said looking into my eyes.
And there I was teaching her all the ways to climb up and then how to move down. She was a quick learner because she did it in just one go.”Hey that’s great…finally you did it.”I patted her back.

“Thanks a lot dear…wouldn’t have been possible without you.”
“I hope you don’t mind asking… is this because of some accident or polio?”I hesitated.

“Well it’s because of solar eclipse….Yes actually my mom was pregnant with me when solar eclipse occurred…she was advised not to cut something..But my mom chopped vegetables mistakenly…and there I was born without my left leg.”she recounted.

“Ohh…do you believe this?How can an eclipse effect a baby inside a womb…?I was baffled with this.

“Well superstitions…still rooted in our society…no matter how educated we are …how advanced we become…these customs has handcuffed our thought process. The worst part about my inability is that my mother blame herself for this. I know it’s no one’s fault but my relatives ,family member always keep cursing her. I feel so bad. Actually they all are concerned that since I’m handicapped I won’t find a good match…The doors of my destiny are closed…my future all dark.”

“And what do you think…I mean why are you here at airport…. Alone?”
“I’m here to avert the effect of eclipse on myself.” She chuckled..”I am going for my masters in journalism from Oxford University.I got scholarship. Actually I just want my mom to get rid of that guilt and also wish to tell my family and society that just like an eclipse cannot rob the brightness of the sun for long…in the same way my missing leg cannot stop me from achieving what I desire.”she waved away confidently towards the gate.

© Shweta Prakash Kukreja

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