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Shweta Prakash Kukreja (Category-Short Story) (Dreams of a Bride | Certificate of Excellence)

It was during my examination duty when I saw her.I was in hall no. 21 where B.Com II semester exam was about to commence.Amid the hustle bustle of the class she entered the classroom. Her bright red salwar kameez,heena on her palm,chooda clearly indicated that she was newly wed.
Everyone started writing the exam and I noticed she was troubled with those bangles.She took all bangles and kept aside.Her dupatta was falling and she ignorant of it continued to write. After approx 2 hours she got up and submitted her answer sheet. As she forgot her admit card I went outside looking for her.” Hey you forgot this, got married recently?”I enquired
“Yes mam yesterday only.”
” Oh yesterday and appearing for exams today…must be hectic.But the dreams of a bride makes you forget tensions…the feeling of a queen is out of this world..isn’t it.” I was lost in my own words
“I’m sorry ma’am but I don’t agree .Yes every girl dream to be a bride but when she wishes to be one.Many times dreams of this bride are woven over the ashes of a girl’s desire and aspirations. The girl who wishes to have her own identity apart from a bride. Ma’am I was 12th city topper last year and not even 20 right now….do you think I’m able to understand the dreams of a bride which you were talking about? Am I that matured to bear the responsibilities of a relationship?

Do I look like a girl who might have asked for these bangles.. jewellery..this red attire at such an early stage?This bride has throttled my passion…has forced me to betray my own aims.”she was in tears…but wiped them and continued..
“I don’t know what destiny has kept for me but I know one thing these dreams are imposed on my desires.My eyes were full of my goals that I had set for myself.Even before being a bride I’m a girl but my own parents didn’t understand this fact. A battle is going on within me and I’m clueless who is going to win. Pray for me Ma’am..”
And she walked away in that red attire not like a bride shy ..conscious of her every step but like a warrior ready to fight for her own dreams…

©Shweta Prakash Kukreja


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