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Shweta Prakash Kukreja (Category-Short Story) (A Diamond Is Forever | Certificate of Excellence)

It was during one of my trips when I bought a magazine from a vendor.I was flipping pages when my eyes caught this caption ‘Bald is Beautiful’.
I found it strange as it’s difficult to associate beauty with baldness.To sort my query I went ahead with the cover story featuring some cancer survivor.It was the real life story of a 25 year old girl.

“Half a decade ago I was a young,high spirited young girl brimming with life.My boyfriend always called me ‘Heera’ instead of ‘Meera’ for he considered that diamonds are forever and wanted me forever in his life.

I remember the night when he was at my place.I felt something when he caressed my breast.That night his eyes brimmed with lust.He too felt a lump on the left side but his dissipated hands didn’t wince for a minute.I was in pain but unable to utter a single word as he was leading the whole affair.We made love for the first and fortunately for the last time.

It was an excruciating excursion watching myself crumbling during the treatment.I lost my long mane, chemotherapy influenced my skin and debilitated my eyesight.Even my breast was amputated.But I was broken the day I discovered my boyfriend having an affair.He clarified me that after my hairs lost and bosom cut off,I was not worth of fulfilling his needs.I lost my everything, lastly comprehended that nothing in this world is forever not even diamonds.

Furthermore, I needed to prove that a woman can be something important even subsequent to losing her hairs and breast.The genuine diamonds that keep going forever is our solid will and determination.We are not simply a couple of tissue projecting from the chest or a spot to fulfill somebody’s lust.We are those diamonds that are uncommon.”

I was highly touched with that story.The solitaire in my ring finger appeared meaningless as I understood the real Diamonds of our lives.

©Dr.Shweta Prakash Kukreja


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