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Shelleyandra Kapil (Celebration Contest | Certificate of Excellence )

Let us create the moments,
Let us struggle to
Find magical moments,
Let us not wait or
Wish certainly,
Let us ensure the
possible the gainful moments…

Celebrations should follow the moments,
We shall swallow the disdainful moments,
Let us make the futuristic moments,
Being a part of nature,capitulate the natural moments,

Life is the most valuable gift,
Among ups and downs,one has to
Keep upping the lift,
Pain or gain are part and parcel of life,
Smilingly one has to tread the path to constant uplift

I have decided to celebrate,
Each day and night,
is going to be specially great,
Achievements are celebrated by one and all,
I am liberated and I
Wish to inculcate

Every day is celebrated differently,
To remind the diversity indefinitely,
After days and weeks of celebrations,
I like to be with nature,during day,evening,
night,the most

united ink

United By Ink

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