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Shalini Keswani

Shalini Keswani

Shalini is a multi-faceted educator turned author. When she is not in the classroom influencing a whole generation, she is either running a marathon, volunteering at her kids’ school, is in a dance studio practicing some challenging, classical-dance moves or stirring some delectable curries!

After, over two decades of impeccable teaching and training portfolio that includes university and college lecturing, corporate training and International School teaching, she embarked on a bold journey of writing her first novel. The story of ‘Bonds of Freedom’ is loosely based on her experiences in education. Revolutionary in theme, as well as writing style (a rare blend of prose and poetry) Bonds of Freedom, explores the fraught topic of International Schools.

Looking always at the brightest side of life, she believes that ‘when she ceases to be herself, she ceases to be.’


Buy her book , “Bonds Of Freedom”

As an author, she feels, one needs to be in the habit of nurturing every small idea.

‘Every idea is a seed,
And from its core, thousand more must breed,
Waiting to emerge,
And wanting to take the lead.’

Her guiding light-This Haiku she wrote to celebrate failure.

Beautiful to fail
Not once but several times
Life runs out of tricks.

So, she appeals to toss away your fear of doing or not doing something. Life is like that sunflower that tilts towards the brave!!!

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