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Sehrish Fuzel (Category-Poem) (Black Spot | Certificate of Appreciation)

You’re a pure soul,
with innocent desires in your heart,
but the hunger to attain what you want,
is like a black spot on your pure soul.

No one is a born evil they say,
what they say is truly right.
Even if you have both your hands full,
your hunger for desire would never satiate.
Moving heaven and earth
and creating havoc,
to achieve what you ardently want
is like a black spot on your pure soul.

You hurt innocent beings,
to fulfill your whims and fancies
there’s nothing wrong in having wishes,
as long as they don’t jeopardize others..
The hunger for desires is killing you from inside,
you’ll no longer be an innocent being,
the want for more is making you evil,
It’s like a black spot on your pure soul…

– Sehrish Fuzel

united ink

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