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Sarita Khullar (Category-Short Story) (Snowy Evenings| Certificate of Appreciation)

He was sitting at the corner of a shop near Times Square. Tired looks and shaggy beard showed that he had not been keeping well for a long time. It was time of fun for the people. In spite of Corona fear there was Christmas Cheer all around, and here he was,desperate and gloomy. At times thinking of committing suicide, at times of keeping his wits together and getting revenge from his unfaithful wife,
Snow was slowly twirling down increasing his misery many fold. Only last Christmas he was sitting in his cosy apartment with his beautiful wife. Little did he know about her crafty plans .
He had met her at a bar and soon was enticed by her perfect manners and lovely looks. She gained her sympathy too by telling him the stories of her ex boyfriend. Soon they got married and he felt himself to be the luckiest man on earth.
His suspicion arose when one day he returned home early and found her with a stranger. It started happening frequently. When he tried to confront her , she slapped on him the blame of domestic violence and filed for divorce.
He himself didn’t want to live with her but the divorce cost him dear. He not only had to pay a huge alimony but lost his job also .
She was now living in his house along with her boyfriend. His blood boiled at the injustice meted out to him.
That night heavy snow had fallen and he suffered from hypothermia. As he was blurting out some incoherent sentences,a Good Samaritan saw him . He rang up 911 .
He found himself in the hospital room. Recovering slowly he gained strength every day. He shivered at the thought of going to the same old place.
A young family was visiting the hospital talking to homeless patients. They came to know his story and offered him a job.
Christmas brought cheer to him. He was now a part of the young family. Sitting around campfire,singing joyfully,he promised to start his life afresh.
But he was not an angel, he won’t forget what his wife had done to him.

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