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Sarala Balachandran(Thankyou2019 | Certificate of Participation )

The year 2019 was a mixture of pleasure and hope where i entered many contests and awards bestowed on me !
And there’s a voice telling
You tried your best and your awards were genuine !
I thank God Almighty for not having major illness
In the year 2019 considering my advancing age !
Oh my dear friend 2019
You were kind and compassionate in all your ways as I could withstand lil lil ailments with inner strength, by God’s grace !
I never wanted name or fame but it was a year of contentment in my life !
Bidding adieu is painful I know as gone past was the year of many blessings and lil aches n pains !
God gives us a life of a mixture of joy and sorrow
Which we have to accept with grace from our hearts !

united ink

United By Ink


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    Thank you UBI

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