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Rita Badhwar (Time Contest | Epoch Ranter Award )

‘Time stands for-Teacher of Indefinite Mastery & Energy ‘
Time is royals,Time is mighty,Time is priceless.
We have heard these words so many times in our day today life.Time has got the power to change the destiny of any man.
Time is the mighty king or hero,possessing
unlimited powers.It never ceases,never stops, keeps on passing with a constant speed. It results into days,nights,weeks, months & years . Its due course of time span culminates into legendary &
nostalgic past,happening present & a bright future.
Let us respect the Time.We should take lessons from the past, decide & take effective actions in the Present which will automatically
channelise our Future.Our
whole life revolves around the vicious circle of time .
This is indeed a Wave which has been a witness to the ups & downs,rise & falls of many from pre historic era till date. Surely it will be the sole & most trusted companion
for all the events that are going to happen in the future too.
History is the biggest testimony for the rise & fall of all the powerful kingdoms of the world.Alexander the Great & Ashoka the Great are being living examples
Hence we should wait for the right moment decide & walk along with the time.

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