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Rita Badhwar (Celebration Contest | Certificate of Appreciation )

The word ‘CELEBRATION’ symbolizes something happening, interesting and involving too. It binds us with a fine thread of expectations, inspirations , enjoyment and happiness.

Life really is nothing but a celebration only, if we can check our temptation and expectation and lead our life in a disciplined manner, take the right decision at the right moment.

We should not live either in the past or in the future, rather we should live the life as it comes to us in the due course of time. Today being the most important, life should not be led in a casual manner.

Our country is full of such vast diversities that all the 365 days of the year we are celebrating some sort of festival or the other.

Yesterday only we celebrated one of the brightest and joyous festival of our traditions called Deepawali. It is also called as the Festival of Lights. People get their houses cleaned and painted thoroughly along with discarding the unusable items and exhibit the emotions of universal brotherhood and love.

Celebrations in our country don’t need any special mention as all the days we celebrate some big or small festival with lots of fervour, emotions and zeal. The pomp and show itself is at its pinnacle and the enthusiasm is always never ending amongst all the members of our society. Thus I would like to conclude by saying that we should not forget to protect our environment and surroundings as well as the interests of all the people at the cost of celebrations.


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