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Reyas Uddin (UBI Flight of dreams Contest | Certificate of Participation )

To go to Myanmar is
Only dream of Rohingya.
Rohingya have one thinking is
Te get right is flight of dream of Rohingya.

They say that one bird also has
Flight of dream is right and has own place,
And also say that like bird has
We’ve that is not right and hasn’t own place.

They need to get the right not only
In dream but also in authenticity.
They no need to seeing flight of fancy.
They need to get flight of authenticity.

In dream, they have one flight of dream
That are going to Myanmar with true dream.
In reality, they also have one flight of reality
That can’t go to Myanmar with true reality.

Purpose of not to go, for devil of Myanmar.
Everything has good thing and bad thing.
Myanmar also has good people and badder,
For that and Rohingya’re not given right thing.

Dear hearer, you’re reading this is not poem,
And these are persecuted Rohingya.
Who have own country and condign,
These’re not being deserved, for devil of Myanmar.


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