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Review of The MAGIC by Rhonda Byrne

This book is an organised representation of what we have experienced CONSCIOUSLY or  SUBCONSCIOUSLY . When you dig deep into the book you would realise “We have made certain things happen by just thinking about them strongly.”

So It All Begins In The  Mind.

The author teaches us how to apply these skills in our everyday life.

No matter who you are           No matter where you are        No matter what your current circumstances are  the magic just happens and changes your entire life!                        This book is completely based on positive thinking and law of attraction and manifestation.Thinking about wealth and visualising that your wallets and lockers are filled with money is what you would attract in life. The same way complaining and discontentment always will attract those  moments in your life or would rather become your lifestyle.           So Choose Your Thoughts Well.                                           The author states      “Whoever has Gratitude  will be given more, and he or she will have an abundance.Whoever does not have Gratitude , even what he or she has will be taken away from  him or her.”                                       The old age rituals  we practice even today by praying to the Sun, Moon , plants and animals daily or occasionally is a small way of  showing Gratitude to the Mother Earth and Nature who has blessed us with so many things to choose , taste, travel and enjoy in life. So please keep thanking  for the food, water, health, wealth and relationships we enjoy even without realising we our already  been blessed with an abundance.The more we keep thanking for the things we enjoy  and for the little gestures people do for us and we would see a substantial increase of those things in our life!                     As we have a secret ingredient (love) for our recipes which makes it perfect the same way the author has shared the secret to turn our thoughts and dreams into reality.The secret of seeking  the magic is by how precisely you ASK   how SRONGLY  you BELIEVE and with the accuracy of both is what you RECEIVE. Then the UNIVERSE will take charge of giving it to YOU .                      The author has shared some interesting and practical tools to practice every single day to see the MAGIC increase  in your LIFE by having complete FAITH in what you have asked for.   1.GRATITUDE  BOOK : by writing out GRATITUDE everyday the first thing in the morning has an advantage that we our Thankful for all the things we enjoy and secondly we start our day with a POSITIVE  note, thus leading a fruitful day.                            2. HEALTH NOTE: “THE GIFT OF GOOD HEALTH IS  KEEPING  ME ALIVE.” The author has asked us to make a card and paste on a place where we can frequently read and be thankful for all the body parts, organs and senses we enjoy every single day.                                             3. MONEY NOTE:”THANK YOU FOR ALL THE MONEY I’VE BEEN GIVEN THROUGHOUT MY LIFE.”  Here again we can place this in our cash drawer  or locker were we can read often and be thankful for all the bills we our able to pay and the big and small things we purchase every time.               4. VISION BOARD: we all wish to have a balance of Heath, Wealth, Career, Relationship in our life and growth in all of these, so by having an image of all this in one frame   and were we can see it often again by having as your phone screen.             5.MAGIC ROCK : Choose a good flat rock which fits on your palm and before going to bed visualise the best thing happened in the day. When you end your day again with a good thought you automatically thank the universe and attracting the same in your life!                     The author assures practising these things with utmost faith and strong thoughts will definitely do Magic in your life✨

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