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Reeta Badhwar (UBI World Environment Day Contest | Certificate of Appreciation )

Oo…our beloved Mother Earth
Forgive us for our dire dearth
Let us plant plenty of trees for a meaningful birth
And return you your precious mirth

Let us all live peacefully
Treat the Nature more
Let the green grass grow abundantly
Let the birds Twitter sweetly

Let the Sun shine warmly
Let the night fall gently
Let the wind blow smoothly
Let the rain come heavily

Let us all take a pledge
Recycle the water,air and
Make a habit of going green
Will help the Earth look clean

Thus make it a place of one’s
cherished dream
All faces would shine with divine gleam

united ink

United By Ink


  • 0

    Wow beautiful write-up

    • 0

      Beautiful poem urging readers to love the nature around.,. the diction too captures the images of nature brilliantly.
      Great attempt. Keep it up.

  • 0

    Excellent 👌

  • 0

    Wonderful thought Rita didi .

  • 0

    Every day is earth day
    Plants are my heart
    I love environment

  • 0

    Every day is earth day
    Plants are my heart
    I love environment

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