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Ratikanta Samal (Celebration Contest | Certificate of Appreciation )

Coloured lights diffract in the sky,
Thunderbolt like crackers burst,
Cloudless sky creates an illusion,
Decorate the sky with colourful stars.

Not permanent but momentary,
Thrill in the hearts hearing the sound,
Sound after light and light in the height,
Crackers and sparklers for the sight.

Here is the autumnal festival of lights,
Waves of happiness play throughout,
Message of love and honeyed relation,
Blows pushing out dog fight and vanity.

Houses decorated with candles and lamps,
Not to irradiate the darkness on earth only,
To light the callousness and heartlessness,
To live the lives of large and soft hearted.

Sparklers and fireworks colour the life,
Bringing peace, brotherhood and prosperity,
Sweet smile in the lips of all is the whole,
Celebration of Dewali takes all its role.

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