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Ratikanta Samal (Category-Poem) (Eclipse | Certificate of Appreciation)

Hide and seek of light and shadow’
Effects on Earth they like to show;
Rotation of Earth round the big star,
Close to watery planet; not to so far.

A small astronomical object to earth,
Probably Earth has given him a birth;
No other the Moon a natural satellite,
Who sometimes comes closer to fight.

Moon rotates round the mother earth,
Stops the sunlight and shadow of dearth;
Shadow on Earth surface due to moon,
Stays a few hours and passes away soon.

Sun, Moon and Earth in a straight line,
In the new moon day, it looks very fine;
The oval orbits of the earth and moon,
Total, annular and partial eclipses attune.

Partial deep shadow appears on surface,
Darkens Earth but rises the Sun’s grace;
Total solar eclipse differentiates others,
Rests a moment, waits long and reoccurs.

Ratikanta Samal

united ink

United By Ink

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