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PRAMOD SAXENA (By Blackout| Certificate of Excellence)

My memories goes in my childhood when I was just fifteen years old boy.It was wartime with Pakistan. I have heard and read about wars like first and second world wars in our text books.

We are living in a desert state of Rajasthan with a international border with Pakistan.So, we were instructed to follow rules of Black Out ,to avoid lighting in nights.My mother used to cook meal before sun set.Only than we could understand the value of candle dinner. All the windows having plain glasses were painted with black colour or fixed with black thick papers.

We were not allowed to go out but as a young boys used to have walk or watching movies in cinema hall in dark black out. Radio was the only source of the entertainment for updates of war or News papers. It was an memorable experience.No band beating was allowed in marriages even lighting. All the ceremonies used to take place in closed doors as outing was not possible.

The days were too difficult being at border state, planes used to have low flight. We used to hear news on radio that Indian forces gun down several Seber jet planes of enemy at Barmer and Jaisalmer. Even some people fell down enemies planes by a rod when they tried to bomb very low in the border localities.

At last we won the battle it relieved all of the Indians. Many brave soldiers were awarded with gallantry Awards as alive or phosmothlously. Now life was normal but wounds took time to heal up.We as human beings want peace throughout in the world with no war and need of Black Out.
In this modern age we are in wars with terrorism have snatched the peace of mind of we people.

We could see another long Black Out if third world war takes place which is very much on cards for the supremacy in the World.

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United By Ink

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