Covid diaries

Covid diaries


It used to twitter before though it was never descried,
It used to fly before though it was never recognised,
Today it trills and is heard as well,
Heedlessly it soars through the sky where merrily it dwells.

This is the kind of arena,
Don’t you think must span through the whole era,
No one can stop us from leading towards destruction,
Do you believe we always need a Corona?
Away from the mocking world, we are now with our families,
The eyes that used to yearn to see us are now homebodies.

Golu Molu and Chunmun stories have revived again with Grandma’s old potpourri,
Never lived until now, Capture these moments in the mind’s eye,
And have a heart-to-heart talk with our beloved ,
That we helplessly couldn’t, as time flew by,
Sure-footed, we are, this misfortune will crawl,
Nobody can stop us, this Corona will too befall.

Believe me! This time of love, restraint and faith is fragile,
Don’t you find it rather peaceful that than the artificial world that is vile,
Enjoy with your loved ones, Can’t you?, for a wink,
To live life king-size,
There are ages to blow in,
To live life king-size,
There are ages to blow in.

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