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Personal and Professional integrity Index ? (PPII)

Pradeep Chhabra

What’s your personal and professional integrity Index ? (PPII)

Your personal and professional integrity will get tested day in day out and till the last day of your career. Some of the examples of breach of personal integrity are:

  • Thieving professional time of the company by doing personal work or attending events not related to the work in official hours. This is the biggest menace in most of the companies
  • Improper travel, refreshment, or medical bills
  • Poaching official stationary
  • Not adhering to company’s guidelines
  • Acting in a manner to get personally benefitted

Professional integrity has a very large canvass. Breach of professional integrity means siding with improper, incorrect, motivated proposals, thoughts, strategies leading up to poor customer experience, drop in profitability, lack of effort in getting the right price and specs for a product, inefficient procurement, incorrect price determination and realization from the market. Such things if happen because of volatility in the market, for reasons beyond one’s control will certainly not be a compromise on professional integrity. Therefore, be mindful of all acts of yours to preserve, protect and promote your personal brand which is so important to you and has immense value.

One of the biggest challenge in life is to get pushed into a situation which is improper and unjustified and you are asked to justify it. You may have the bad luck of getting a boss who is toxic, has manipulated the system to reach that position .Perhaps the best way to obviate such challenges is to evolve in a manner that those in the wrong find it extremely difficult even to approach you.

You have to say no once or may be twice and your reputation would spread like wild fire . No one will approach you thereafter for any improper deeds. Remain humble, polite and of course firm with full rationale and courage of conviction for saying NO. Such things happen in all jobs or businesses, be it private or public or any profession be it Doctor,Engineer, Architect, CA, Non-finance,Journalist, IT, non-ITetc. Lots of professional do succumb to such pressures under false impressions or understanding that job, career may get affected. It does not happen that way! Chances of losing your job or career getting impacted are more if you side with improper thoughts and deeds.

Having seen professional life from close quarters for a long time, have noticed very many careers getting destroyed just because of continued indifference or not adhering to the minimum expected standards of integrity . So keep your PPII ( Personal& Professional Integrity Index ) in check.


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