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On the occasion of International Day of Families, I have tried to pen a small poem. Hope you all like it. Do share your likes and comments if any.

 My Family

Free, friendly and faithful is my family,

Bonding and living together happily.

We are four in total,

With two dogs and a cat,

To make the family more special.

We are a unique four,

With different outlooks and irreplaceable roar.

At times we argue on trifle matters,

Which are unimportant and lot of banters.

But, when it comes to decision making,

Our visions are considerable, futuristic and always soar.

We are a unique four,

Free, friendly and faithful family, each with a different lore.

Aparna Patwardhan Bhat

15th May, 2021.

pic courtesy:- Google

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