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Nisha Tandon (Category-Poem) (Paper Boat | Certificate of Appreciation)

Of boredom and languor were erased all traces
As unexpected rains brought smiles on jaded faces

Fleeting downpour filled the dried streams and puddles
And around them the group of enthused children huddled

Each one held on tight to sheets in myriad hues
Vibrant yellows, greens and pastel blues

Painstakingly they crafted their paper boats
And amidst cacophonous prattle  saw them float

The boats danced to the tunes of the boisterous wind
As in exhilaration their hearts did dance and sing

They were unable to endure the harsh weather for long
And some of them in tatters sang their swan song

Jubilance was marred by gloom as each one drowned
Remnants of which were difficult to be found

Out of the blues in their eyes returned a triumphant gleam
On seeing one lone boat sail down the restive stream

A lesson was learnt, with disappointment how to cope
In the darkest hour too there’s a ray of hope

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