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Namrata Pandit Pillai (Category-Poem) (Dreams of a Bride | Certificate of Appreciation)

Title of poem: Ultimately ME..a bride to be..

Individuals will be declared officially as couples in a day by that perfect ?
Oh..the bride would b treated as a queen for that day..will this queen rule her own life?
Her life would be judgemental each day by others will that be fair?
The only man she ever loved and trusted was her father till the date ..would her partner even can share that stage?
She always dreamed her marriage as a event of ritual to be performed ..would this rituals guarantee her dreams to be chased…?
The dream would be dreamed each day after that day..the groom is the only one who can assure her in each ways…!
Would he be able to understand her that way?
She is suspicious with mixed feelings..the moment will change her place from one family to other..!
It’s a life changing day..she is all set to sail..all mighty blessings will be showered on she realised that yes ..he is the man of her dream to be lived forever as reality to be..with a big smile on her face she step forward with him to start their journey of togetherness forever and ever..!


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