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My mind, the keeper of my moments

My mind, the keeper of my moments
Sieve and sort wisely
Keep as per the list precisely.
Keep the happiest ones in the middle shelf.
All that my childhood holds, adolescent beholds ,teenage unfolds and adulthood folds.
Right from the paper boats that drown in rain
Through the tantrums that were insane
Efforts made again and again for me to train
Moments that got framed
And also those that are unframed
From feelings ablazed difficult to tame
To mature enough to control the same.
From a love that grew with me
To retracing the childhood to see
How good I can be.
Keep it all there till sixty from six
Easy access for moods to fix.
Careful with those, I can’t take a risk.
These are my oxygen and nothing to mix.
Even if age turn me blind
Keep it all safe oh my mind
The keeper of my moments.

Keep those sad and bad ones down below .
My back ache makes it very slow
To stoop down to it that low
That way it will stay a far
For sadness in me to ajar.
Those unpleasant moments
The pain, the loss
the moss of negative thoughts.
The hurt I caused and regretted a lot
The battle within lost and again fought
Wanted to be forgotten
But stays behind
Please lock those oh my mind
The keeper of my moments.

Don’t forget to keep
Harmless little suspicions that seep
Though a bit of anxiety
But good for some variety
Those keep me on my toes
Separating friends from foes.
Always be alert my mind
The keeper of my moments.

Those that hold solace, peace and gratitude
Things that done with right attitude
The trial that inspires
The failure that aspires
And the goals that expires
Everything on the top most glass shelf
Where I can see them
Held my head high
Moments I don’t want to die
There are many to find
Keep searching oh my mind
The keeper of my moments.

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