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Mridu Rao (UBI Flight of dreams Contest | Certificate of Appreciation )

Welcome aboard, daydreamers and believers.
Welcome to this adventurous journey which is laden with hope.
Welcome to this aircraft named as Your Journey,
Kindly fasten your seatbelts to protect yourself from anything cloudy.
Throw your baggage away, this trip needs fresh air
Stay happy and free for you are Entering a new world away.
Your journey will be full of highs and lows,
Don’t worry, the pilot of goodness will take control
Your destination will be a rainbow of hope
And I can swear on the brilliance of the sun.

Through the clouds we will fly
Enjoy viewing your dream’s good side
And now, see the azure’s sparkling blue sky
Purity and prosperity will be there by your side.
But alas, we apologise for some inconvenience
For we encountered some turbulent times and other evils.
Don’t lose hope and your zeal
See the brilliance of sun sparkling full of determination, please.

Stay strong and stay happy
Dip deep into this adventurous world
Keep enjoying this view
We request the passengers to stay seated patiently
For you would be reaching your destination soon!


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