Journey to becoming better human being-1: Introduction

Journey to becoming better human being-1: Introduction

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Dr. Parimal Merchant

Dr. Parimal Merchant is the Director of GFMB – Global Family Managed Business Program at S P Jain School of Global Management, (Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore and Sydney) – a distinctive 12 months management program for sons and daughters of business families. Read more…..



My journey began nearly 40 years ago. Walking on the road, I saw a banner announcing FREE course on personal development. What appealed to me was the word FREE. So, I went on to see what it is.

In the first session, what was told appeared appealing but not so much compelling. So, I remained irregular. However, over a period, I realized that I was already on the journey.

The term about becoming better human being is ‘journey’ and not ‘destination’. It Is not that I complete a course and on one day I have become a ‘better’ human being. It is 40 years and I am still on the journey. Every time I cut a distance and keep moving ahead. Every time I learn and keep ‘becoming’ better human being.

The word ‘better’ is important. I become better over what I was yesterday. There is no comparison or evaluation by anybody. I only compare with myself and I am the judge.

Finally, the word ‘human being’. It is not one more ‘animal’. As explained in the book Sapiens, it has evolved from one of the weakest specie, trembling in front of ferocious animals and vagaries of the nature, to what we are today. While human being is a part of the nature, it is distinct. A cow ten thousand years ago and a cow today, both helplessly would get wet when it rains. But a human being is different. It has evolved and continues to evolve.

Each human being has internal experiences. It is not a machine. While there are bodily activities like metabolism, digestion, blood circulation, self-healing etc., there are also feelings. Becoming better human being is in terms of understanding our own feelings, thinking about it and putting them in action. That is why the work can also be called ‘internal’ work.

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