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Monika Kapur (UBI Flight Of Dreams Contest | Certificate of Appreciation )

She was searching for something in dark, ferociously when something pierced her bare hands. She shrieked our loud, there were splinters all over her hands, splinters of her broken dreams. She got up all drenched in her sweat, it was a dream but very close to reality. Yes, she was a soul made of her broken dreams, all bruised, all scarred. Her hands went to her limbs, nothing there. She has lost her right limb owing to an accident, that too while raising against an unjust situation. She tried to move but it was an effort nowadays. Her mom was taking her somewhere today. She called out for her mom, got ready and was helped to sit in the car. Together they went to the outskirts of the city, to an orphanage called Sunshine. She went inside and mingled with kids who had none of the parents to take care of them. She talked with them and was astonished to see that no one had a slightest tings of depression in their eyes . They were dancing,smiling and had a zeal to live even with absence of few important people in their lives. Their positivity rubbed off well with Shubhi. Next morning, she got up with a positivity and searched something on the net. Yes, she was ready for prosthetic leg for herself. She had lost something but much is left to keep her going. Her dreams can’t die owing to her broken limb. She will find success with a prosthetic leg, she will find her wings, she knew, to fly her own flight of dreams

Monika Kapur


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