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Mbarga Manga Jean Marie (Category-Poem) (Don’t put off till tomorrow | Certificate of Excellence)


I happily wandered on life’s sinuous path
Daily, a step taken towards the joyful grave
To reunite with earth’s waist of Eden’s Adam
For yesterday indeed was a rich greedy man.

Dusk’s panoramic caption leaves one salivating
Forget not that for every night, dawn eyes
So is the new call of dates’ metamorphism

Why falling for morrow’s uncertain charming call
It’s pulchritude hides a sack of greater challenges
None knows its secrets, except the great Bwana
Coz morrow’s fate grows in today’s fertile worm.

A golden chance under fair nature’s eye
Make the best of every opportunity the way
Present is worth living to write morrow’s stories.

©®, Mbarga Manga Jean Marie-


united ink

United By Ink

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