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Matters of Heart❤

Theme: Matters of the Heart

Title: A complex organ Heart.

A complex organ yet, simple is the working to understand.
It always listens to the write things and forgets the wrong.
It believes in love, care and being human.
Tries a follow a code of conduct and avoids to be inhuman.
At times it just accepts the YOLO (you only live once) philosophy,
But, fails to realize that the heart needs to follow it’s routine unconsciously.
These are the simple routine matters of heart,
Which always reigns, like a game of monopoly.
Whether good or bad, divine or evil these matters of heart need to go on feeling awfully or happily,
Because, if it misses it’s beat,
We all are sure to retreat.
This is the rule,
If we are born we have to meet our end.
As all these are the matters of heart just a complex body part.

Aparna Patwardhan Bhat

20th April, 2021

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