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Manmohan Rajbanshi (UBI Teary Eyes Contest | Certificate of Participation )

Teary Eyes

Mr. Berry, a poet and an author who generally inks on soft but judicious collocation based on emotions. He is also a lover of nature. He has a soft corner in his heart towards his lovers.
Owing to his busy schedule of life he finds no time to meet or to talk with his sweet heart. This is the reason, he frequently comes across his sweetheart teary eyes.
Today is not an exception, no sooner had he met his sweet heart with teary eyes, he pretended to read something that he might composed earlier…
Thus he went on reading and tried to convince his lover,……

‘Eyes are the most beautiful part of the body of the creatures .Without eyes, life is a symbol of darkness . Beauty beholds in the eyes of beholder. Tear is a natural rappelling ingredient that washes sediment of emotional stores. ‘

Having heard Berry’s emotional expression, his sweetheart tried to stop her from weeping.
A light smile comes out from his sweetheart’s face though her eyes were still wetted.
‘Your teary eyes are very charming dear , this is why I love you darling ! saying this Berry convinced her .


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