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Maheswari Jaydev (Category-Poem) (Snowy Evenings| Certificate of Appreciation)

Intrigued while standing with paraphernalia
In a street in Finland, witnessed snow’s regalia!
Experienced spine-chilling snowy winter breeze
Enamoured of the scintillating freeze!
Old and young walking, not minding, the snowy evening
Kids throwing snow balls happily screaming
Amazed at human’s adaptability
Appraised nature’s serene bounty!
Seasonal celebrations across the globe
Helps everyone rejoice and cope!
Through snowy winter phases
Brewing and sharing embraces!

united ink

United By Ink


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    This is so beautiful. I loved it.

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    Thoughts written in words expressed wisely

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    Thoughts written in words expressed wisely

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    Well written Mj as always

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